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No Cycle Challenge for 2015
Wednesday 1 October, 2014.

It's with a tinge of sadness that I have to announce that there won't be a High Country Cycle Challenge in 2015.

After months of trying, I haven't been able to attract enough sponsorship. With rising traffic management costs, and so many alternative events on the calendar, the event just wasn't sustainable as it was. The numbers just didn't add up!

Many thanks to all entrants over the last 9 years for all your support - it's always been greatly appreciated. I've gotten to know quite a few of you and it's been a pleasure to have you visit Mansfield and Mt Buller for a ride in my backyard.

Many thanks to you also for your generous support of our charity partners, The Kids' Cancer Project and the Mansfield District Hospital.

The Tour de Flavour and the Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club races on the SHCCC weekend will still go ahead, bigger and better - so there'll still be a greet weekend of cycling in Mansfield on 21 and 22 March 2015. So why not still come up for a ride!

If you're up this way anytime over the summer, please call into All Terrain Cycles in Mansfield and say hello. It's going to be an exciting season with the opening of the Australian Alpine Epic in early December, the Alpine Classic in Bright in January (the original and best of all Australia's rides) and, of course, you can climb Mt Buller at any time to get the stamp in your 7 Peaks passport.

I'll keep working away and try to get the SHCCC back up and running in 2016.
Hopefully, we'll see you then for the 10th edition.


Bruce Halket.

P.S. I still have a few SHCCC 14 jerseys left. If you'd like one, please email me -

What a great weekend!
Wednesday 26 March, 2014.

A huge thanks to all the 633 riders that entered the 9th annual SCODY High Country Cycle Challenge and came to Mansfield & Mt Buller - The High Country for a great weekend. I've already had lots of contact from riders who had a terrific time.

As I hope you're aware, the weekend went really well, especially from an organisers point of view. Most importantly, no one came off a bike which made the ambos and first aiders bored and happy! (Although it seems it was a close-run thing; a few riders have told me about a deer that decided to scare them by running out onto the road and almost taking them out!)

Highlights from the weekend seem to be the food, both on Mt Buller and in Jamieson, the atmosphere in Jamieson for the Autumn Festival, lots of SHCCC entrants got along to the Mansfield Armchair Cinema for The Armstrong Lie, great atmosphere in Mansfield for the Crit on Saturday evening and LOTS of people got out for a ride on Sunday to either Jamieson or Whitfield! (I'm really, really pleased about that!)

The Harry and Clare Friday Foundation

Almost $1600 was donated to the Harry & Clare Friday Foundation. With the Foundation's dollar for dollar policy, it will mean at least $3200 will go towards equipment at Mansfield District Hospital.

Thank you very, very much.

The Kids Cancer Project

Thank you to all of you who supported The Kids’ Cancer Project either by fundraising or a donation or purchase of a raffle ticket at Friday night registration.

Over $2000 was donated to The Kids Cancer Project plus another $500 was raised in the raffle. Congratulations to Cherie Cooper who won the first prize of a $100 compression garment voucher, Mark Phillips won the De Bortoli wine and Belinda Cipa won Cecil the cyclist bear and the kids games.

It is people like you who are making the difference to research and improving survival rates for kids with cancer. If you haven’t had a chance to support us yet, please do so at

Thank you very, very much for your generous donations. We really do appreciate your support and couldn’t do this without you.

Photos from the weekend

Click here to check on the Flashpoint Photography images.

Most of the Fun Photos pics are now on the SHCCC Facebook page. Have a quick look here - then use the 'Contact Us' link on the Fun Photos website if you'd like a shot without the watermarks.

Garmin King and Queen of Mt Buller

Here are the Garmin Kings and Queens of Mt Buller.

The Fastest Woman was Leanne Kennedy of Griffith, NSW.

The first 10 places were:
Leanne Kennedy 14.9km/h 1:01:07
Sheridan Hall 14.3km/h 1:03:51
Bettina Moonen 14.2km/h 1:04:13
Katie Lankow 13.6km/h 1:06:54
Belinda W 13.1km/h 1:09:34
Mandy Rhook 13.1km/h 1:09:59
Simone Cameron 13.0km/h 1:10:00
Jen Collier 12.9km/h 1:11:09
Dominique Jeremiah 12.9km/h 1:12:53
Kay Huggins 12.4km/h 1:15:28
The Fastest Man was Matt Clark of Beechworth, Vic.
The first 10 places were:
Matt Clark 22.9km/h 40:57
Tasman Nankervis 20.3km/h 46.15
Brad Clarke 19.4km/h 48:20
Andrew Foster 19.3km/h 48:35
Andrew Cox 18.3km/h 51:24
Luke Feldman 18.1km/h 51:52
Aran Lankow 17.9km/h 52:23
Jason Hewitt 17.4km/h 53:45
Justin Wild 17.3km/h 54:15
Ryan Thomas 17.2km/h 54:25
The Fastest Woman over 45 years old was Bettina Moonen of Beaconsfield, Vic.
The first 10 places were:
Bettina Moonen 14.6km/h 1:04:11
Mandy Rhook 13.1km/h 1:09:59
Dominique Jeremiah 12.9km/h 1:12:53
Kay Huggins 12.4km/h 1:15:28
Fiona Styles 11.6km/h 1:20:56
Cadence Velo 11.3km/h 1:22:54
Allison Hanger 11.3km/h 1:23:04
Sue Madden 11.2km/h 1:23:42
Paula McGovern 9.4km/h 1:40:03
Emma Boulton 9.0km/h 1:44:12
The Fastest Man over 55 years old was Peter Maurer of Lara, Vic.
The first 10 places were:
Peter Maurer 16.5km/h 55:13
Tim Huggins 16.0km/h 56:51
Kevin Turley 16.0km/h 57:00
Christopher Fairall 15.1km/h 1:00:28
Chris Kinnaird 14.8km/h 1:01:24
Graham Prossor 14.2km/h 1:04:23
Rodney Bethune 14.0km/h 1:05:11
Mark Sandeman 13.8km/h 1:06:08
John Bursill 13.5km/h 1:07:18
Bruce Simons 13.5km/h 1:07:43
The Fastest Woman over 75kg was Belinda Wren of Evatt, ACT.
The first 4 places were:
Belinda W 13.1km/h 1:09:34
Melinda Rich 10.6km/h 1:26:11
Paula McGovern 9.1km/h 1:40:09
Tilley Wilson 6.3km/h 2:24:49
The Fastest Man over 85kg was Jason Hewitt of Lara, Vic.
The first 10 places were:
Jason Hewitt 17.4km/h 53:45
Simon Ward 16.3km/h 55:53
John Dempsey 15.5km/h 58:43
The Don 15.3km/h 59:32
Peter Budd 15.2km/h 1:00:00
Richard Lyon 13.9km/h 1:05:21
Derek Zoolandr 13.9km/h 1:05:46
Phil Coldwell 13.7km/h 1:06:34
Ben Mc 13.5km/h 1:07:21
Robert Foote 13.5km/h 1:07:30

Dates for 2015

The Tour de Flavour (of which the SHCCC is a part) will be held on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 March 2015. If you need to, book your accommodation now!

Finally, if you have any feedback you'd like to pass on, or suggestions to improve the Cycle Challenge for 2015, please email me:


Bruce Halket.

Entries still open … just not online.
Thursday 20 March, 2014.

Entries are still open for the SCODY High Country Cycle Challenge for 2014. And as we only have a few days till the SHCCC (and the Tour de Flavour) kicks off, we've had to close our online entry system so we can organise registration.

However, entries are still open!

Use this link to go to our entries page and download our PDF entry form. Fill in the form and bring it with you to event registration at Mansfield. You can pay by cash, by money order, by cheque (as long as you have your driver's license handy) or by credit card.

Weather is looking good!
Monday 17 March, 2014.

Look at what the Bureau of Meteorology has in store for Mansfield on the weekend… 28°C!


Cross your fingers... let's hope they're right.

Ride Info Issue 1 now available.
Wednesday 12 March, 2014.

Ride Info is now available for download.

It contains nearly all the information you'll need to make the most of the SHCCC weekend (if it's not in Ride Info, it'll already be here on the website) It includes start times, start locations, maps and profiles of all the rides, locations of water stations, where you can get food, information on road works, car parking in Mansfield … heaps of stuff!

Please download a copy here and bring it with you to Mansfield.

The Armstrong Lie screening
at Tour de Flavour!

Friday 7 March, 2014.

In 2009 director Alex Gibney set out to make a documentary film on cyclist Lance Armstrong's comeback year after a four-year retirement from the sport. Following a doping investigation that led to his lifetime ban from competition and the stripping of his seven Tour de France titles, Armstrong went back to Gibney to set the record straight about his career.

As part of the Tour de Flavour festival in Mansfield on SHCCC weekend, The Armstrong Lie will be showing at the Mansfield Armchair Cinema

Session times:
6pm Friday 21 March*;
3.45pm Saturday 22 March; and
2pm Sunday 23 March.

*Special offer for the Friday session:
Use your SHCCC wrist band to get two tickets
for the price of one! 

Friday Registration for the SHCCC starts at the
Alzburg Resort at 4pm - the movie starts at 6pm.
Plenty of time to get to The MAC.

Major prize time!
Monday 3 March, 2014.

It's time to announce the winner of the major prize; with many thanks to All Terrain Cycles in Mansfield, the following name will win either a Specialized Ruby Comp or a Specialized Roubaix SL4 Comp C2.

But before we do, just a quick note to let you know that the first edition of RIDE INFO will be out shortly. Keep an eye out for it… download a copy so you've got all the information you need for the SHCCC weekend and the Tour de Flavour festival.

Now, back to the bike winner. Is it you? Congratulations to… click here to go to the next page to see if you're a winner…

2014’s first monthly prize winners.
Monday 3 February, 2014.

Garmin have been a long-time supporter of the SHCCC and we love a good Garmin. So we're very proud to announce five winners of their Garmin Edge 510 GPS cycling computers for the January prize.

But to heighten the tension just a little more… you need to click here to go to the next page to see if you're a winner…

Testing ... testing ... 1 ... 6 ... 5
Thursday 23 January, 2014.

I got called a sadist recently. I organise the SHCCC and spend all that weekend watching others put themselves through all sorts of pain. And, quite honestly, I quite enjoy it.

I decided it was time for a little masochism. The reason? Well… I have a little confession to make: I've organised the High Country Cycle Challenge for 9 years now and I'd never actually ridden the 165km.

Yeah, I know… weak as.

Yesterday I figured it was time the Tarmac and I gave it a go. I was joined on this little adventure by Di, Mauro and Alain. Di and Alain were planning on 'just' doing Buller and back (the 100km ride) while Mauro and I planned to ride the whole 165km SHCCC.

Click here to read more and see more pics.

Rolling down Corn Hill towards Merrijig
as Mt Buller looms in the distance. This is a
great view and I never get sick of it.

Road closure confirmed.
Thursday 16 January, 2014.

Mt Buller Resort Management have confirmed that the
road from the resort gate to the village will be closed to
cars for the SCODY High Country Cycle Challenge.

No cars while you climb!

There will still be Moto Marshals (and possibly emergency vehicles but hopefully not!) on the road but no cars!

Spot shadows on the Eildon Road.
Thursday 9 January, 2014.

I rode 125km from Jamieson to Eildon and back yesterday with Darren and Mauro.

The Jamieson to Eildon Road is a beauty! We once used it as a ride in the SHCCC - the 180km BikeBuller Challenge. But the police say there are too many motorbikes and cars on the road. More of that later…

It was a great day but got tough as the temperature rose. I started well on the first climb but was very keen on the food and coffee at Eildon when we rolled in for a break.

The way back was much tougher. The previous few days of too many coffees and not enough water at work really told. I started cramping up near Big River. We stopped to refill the bidons at Still Creek and I'd have been in real trouble if I hadn't. In total I managed to finish off 6 full bidons by the time I got back to Bald Hill Gap for the descent back down to Jamieson.

Click here to read more.

Our last monthly prize winners for 2013.
Friday 3 January, 2014.

December's 'monthly prize' is a ripper - $250 of tyres and tubes from Continental, including the brilliant GP4000s tyres.
There are two winners … yes, another drum roll please … and they are …

Click here to find out more.

Cycling-Inform training programs now available.
Friday 20 December, 2013.

Cycling-Inform have now released their training programs for the SHCCC.

Whether you just want to get a bit fitter on the bike, or you want to smash out a personal best up Mt Buller, one of Cycling Inform's SHCCC programs will suit you perfectly.

Click here to find out more.

Our first monthly prize winners.
Tuesday 3 December, 2013.

November's 'monthly prize' is a real beauty – $250 of gear from our naming rights sponsor SCODY. Check out their full range at

There are two winners … drum roll please … and they are …

Click here to find out who won!

Seven Peaks in Seven Days 2013.
Monday 2 December, 2013.

7P7D Day 1 - Sunday 24 November.
It's Seven Peaks in Seven Days time again.

The cast for 2013 comprises:
- Josh, 29, too young and fit for his own good;
- Adrian, 34, been worried about this for months so has put the Ks in, just to make sure;
- Daniel, Adrian's brother, support car driver; and
- me, wrong side of 50, been off the bike with manflu for a few weeks but motivated by riding a brand new Roubaix!

The highlight of day 1 for me was making it through unscathed.
If you've followed the exploits of those of us silly enough to attempt this week, you might remember I 'dropped the bike' just near Tanjil Bren last year in the hail and pouring rain. I kept going for a bit but had to get off the bike before the top of the climb to Powelltown. Soft. And disappointing.

Click here to read about our full exploits over the 7 days!

A wet start at Tanjil Bren, just 7 peaks and over a 1000km
to go! From left to right, Josh, Daniel, Bruce and Adrian.

Cycling-Inform joins the SHCCC team.
Friday 8 November, 2013.

Bikevents Australia is pleased to announce that Cycling-Inform has joined forces with the SHCCC to improve your cycling over the next few months.

Cycling-Inform is David Heatley and Jodie Bachelor.

The couple moved their business from Melbourne to Mansfield recently and have since gotten involved with "all things cycling" in the Mansfield region. That includes the SHCCC.

You'll find the first of David's regular articles on the Training page, which will help you get the best out of your riding in the lead-up to the event. And look out for more help from Cycling-Inform soon. Or check out their website.

All Terrain Cycles and the Great Victorian
Rail Trail.

Thursday 7 November, 2013.

All Terrain Cycles in Mansfield has long been a supporter of the SHCCC. With the opening of the Great Victorian Rail Trail, ATC would like to spread the word about some more great riding in the High Country.

Ride the Great Victorian Rail Trail.
Explore Victoria’s longest rail trail the easy way. All Terrain Cycles offers bike hire, transfers and packages along all 134km of the Great Victorian Rail Trail.

Breathe easy and enjoy a sense of freedom and space as you cycle through open farm land, along the Goulburn River and toward the magnificent High Country. From day trips to multi day rides, we can assist you in planning your cycle adventure.

Book our 'Bike to Bridge' package and take the 22km journey from Mansfield to Bonnie Doon. Have a picnic along the way or enjoy a refreshing break at the Maindample Whistle Stop. Continue your ride through the countryside, before catching a glimpse of Lake Eildon on approach to your final destination, the Bonnie Doon bridge. $55 price per person, includes bike hire and transfer. Contact us to customise your ride.

All Terrain Cycles, Mansfield and Mt Buller. Phone 03 5775 2724 or click here to visit our website.

SHCCC out and about.
Tuesday 22 October, 2013.

We met this bloke last weekend at the Ausbike Expo at the Exhibition Buildings and he was dubbed Max the Mannequin by rusteypipes on Instagram.

Before last weekend at GO Bike Expo (at Around the Bay) we decided that we needed a change due to tradition: the recent tradition of using a surname as a first name and in keeping with cycling tradition. So he became Merckx the Mannequin. (You can see him hard at work at the SHCCC display, with the February bike prize in the background.)

However, the name change seemed to set off a spate of some bizarre behaviour… for a mannequin.

Click here to read more.

News on the SHCCC Bib knicks.
Monday 14 October, 2013.

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Ok, the bad… all the bib knicks are gone. Sorry... if you haven't entered yet, you've missed out on a free pair.

The good news? You'll soon be able to get a pair! SCODY will have the bib knicks available for sale on their website very shortly. And in more good news, they're also about to release matching SHCCC knee warmers as part of their Accessories range… just in case you thought the leg warmers were a bit too long. Click here for more details.

Finally, Bruce will be at GO Bike Expo at Around the Bay in a Day next weekend (with Max the mannequin!) so you can see the kit in all its glory!

Bib knicks almost gone.
Tuesday 8 October, 2013.

SCODY's production line has gotten really busy lately. They've just informed the SHCCC that the deadline for bib knicks orders has to be moved forward to Monday 14 October (it was the 26th). 

But seeing as there are only 18 pairs left of the 300, we don't think they'll last till the 14th anyway. So you might want to get it quick!

Details on the kit can be found here: click here to read more
and you can enter the SHCCC here: click here to enter.

SHCCC at Amy's Gran Fondo.
Wednesday 18 September, 2013.

Team SHCCC headed to Lorne last week for the annual Amy's Gran Fondo. 

It was the 'big unveiling' for the new 2014 SHCCC kit. On the right you can see a photo of us all on Sunday morning before the ride. 

It was a great weekend! Beautiful weather and lots of fun...
click here to read more.

February's bike prize confirmed.
Thursday 29 August, 2013.

Specialized had a global launch of their 2014 range of bikes today. This means that Shannon from All Terrain Cycles can now confirm which bikes will be on offer for one lucky SHCCC entrant at the end of February 2014.

If a lady's name is drawn out, she'll win a 2014 Specialized Ruby Comp worth $2999.

Click here to read more about this great prize and the prize the bloke's will get

Entries for the 2014 SHCCC are now open.
Monday 5 August, 2013.

Bikevents Australia is pleased to announce that entries to the SCODY High Country Cycle Challenge
are now open.

Entries for the 2014 SHCCC will open on Monday.
Friday 2 August, 2013.

Entries to the SCODY High Country Cycle Challenge will open first thing Monday morning, August the fifth.

Changes to the SHCCC.
Friday 2 August, 2013.

We've made a few changes for 2014, many based on feedback from entrants, so please take a moment to take them all in.

First, one thing that hasn't changed is the price of entry.
The price of a one day ride in 2013 was $130 (and $95 for the 65km ride.) This won't change for 2014!

Click here to find out what WILL change.

Get fit for the SHCCC.
Thursday 1 August, 2013.

Click here for information on a few upcoming events to help get you ready for the SHCCC. The highlights are the other two rides in the The Kids' Cancer Project Triple Challenge Cycling Series. Tell 'em Bruce sent you!

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